Aged Care At Cantabria

Cantabria Home, Hospital and Retirement Village has been owned by the Main Family since 1981.  The facility is thermally heated and has an extensive range of care options, catering for all lifestyles and tastes.  Government subsidies for care are readily available to all Residents who meet the qualifying criteria (refer to Getting Started With Retirement Care below).

Our facilities have developed to allow our Residents to enjoy a holistic approach to retirement. Please see below to find out more on the Specialist Care & Facilities available at Cantabria. You are also welcome to contact us to have a discussion with our friendly staff, order an information pack or organise a visit through our facilities.

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Day Care

Come along and spend the day with us.  We will pick you up and take you home and free transport is provided (limited to the Rotorua and Ngongotaha areas, or a 15km radius from Cantabria).  If you require a wheelchair we will pick you up and drop you off in one of our wheelchair vans.

You will enjoy morning and afternoon tea and a hot nutritious midday meal.  All meat is  sourced from a local butchery and fruit and vegetables are from a local supplier.  Our Day Care programme is overseen by a qualified Registered Nurse and a qualified Diversional Therapist.

You can choose to get involved in the many activities available or you can simply relax with good company in our spacious and comfortable recreation room.  We also have a thermally heated hydrotherapy pool to soak away any aches and pains.  Various local entertainers including dance groups, singers, bands and choirs visit regularly.  Every week there is a community outing for our Day Care clients, the day varies each week in order to include everyone.  You will make new friends and maybe catch up with some old ones.

Cantabria also offers long or short term Respite Care.  Please see below for more information.


All facilities in the Cantabria Group offer long or short term Respite Care; if you need a break from your daily routine or some extra assistance with all the comforts of home and 24 hour nursing care.  All meals are provided for Respite Residents.  You may qualify for a subsidy for Respite Care and/or Day Care, which you can discuss this with us, your Doctor, or one of the many other community support services.

Diversional Therapy

The Cantabria Group employs qualified Diversional Therapists to oversee the activities programme.  There are designated Activities Staff in each facility to help make each day more exciting. Click here for more information on our Activities & Other Services including a sample of our Weekly Activity Plan.

Dementia Care

Cantabria has a 13 bed unit specifically designed to accommodate the needs of Residents with dementia.  We call this area ‘Garden Floor’.

Garden Floor is a fully supervised secure unit that offers nursing care for Residents with dementia.  The staff in Garden Floor are experienced with Residents with dementia and all hold the Nationally recognised ACE Dementia Qualification.  ACE (Aged Care Education) Dementia is an exceptional programme that is widely accepted and used around New Zealand in both residential care and home-based support.  It provides skills and knowledge to provide person centered care for people living with dementia.

We strive to provide an inclusive, calm and tranquil environment that minimizes the agitation and stress that Residents with dementia can sometimes experience.  Garden Floor has an outside courtyard with gardens, a bird aviary offers a quiet place to take a stroll or to just sit outside and enjoy the sun. Our Residents also enjoy the company of ‘Minty’ the Garden Floor cat.  Minty knows which Residents enjoy her company and spends time with them.  She has been instrumental in creating a calm and homely environment.  Garden Floor Residents are encouraged to participate in a range of suitable activities designed to enhance their well being; including: art and craft, word games, music, gentle physical exercise and sensory enrichment.

While a great deal of research is being conducted into the reversal of the symptoms of dementia, a cure is yet to be found.  The best approach to caring for people with dementia is to provide them with a safe, non-confronting environment where they can calmly relax or engage in suitable activities.  This is exactly what you will find at Cantabria. Quality Care, Gracious Living, Dignity and Quality of Life.


If you or a loved one have sustained an injury and require rehabilitation we are able to help with this.  We will do all we can to help Resident’s return to as fuller function as possible and live as independently as possible.

The Rehab Process:

If you or your family member has an injury and requires care they will receive a needs assessment from the Needs Assessment Service Co-ordination (NASC).  The needs assessment will identify if they have low, medium or high needs and what level of support or funding they require.

We work closely with services such as NASC, ACC and the Ministry of Health ensuring you or your family member receives the support they require.  Their situation will be regularly reviewed in case their needs change, and we encourage families to be involved as much as possible in this process.  We realise that everyone’s situation is different which is why we tailor the support we give to suit the individual.  We create an individual plan which includes aspects like interests, culture, values, likes, dislikes and goals.  This will help us to identify suitable support programmes to their specific likes and needs.

  • I wish to thank all the staff at the Cantabria Centre for their thorough care to the elderly people.  I go on Thursday each week. I'm picked up in the bus which comes to the door.  There are several passengers on the bus and have become known to each other and greet by name.  The driver's assistant takes great care with handicapped people.  My wife passes a handful of candies around.  We are greeted with a variety of activities.  I go for the swimming. Lovely staff. The morning tea and a variety of games, books and today's newspapers are available.  I get involved and enjoy them.  There are gentle exercises if people wish.  The bus then arrives and I am home by 3.30pm.  Everyone is friendly.  I thank the driver and say "see you next week.".
    Lyndsay PrinceDay Care Attendee
  • The deepest and most sincere gratitude for your consistency in loving and respectful care always shown to our mother, grand mother, great grandmother and great grandmother.  Never a week went by throughout my mother's 8 years at Cantabria, whether in her unit, on the Rise or in the Orchid Wing that she didn't express her happiness and contentment about where she was...for that we will always be grateful to you all.
    Family MemberOf Cantabria Resident

Getting Started With Retirement Care

Taking the first step with Retirement Care is straightforward. The process starts with a Needs Assessment from the Needs Assessment Service Co-ordination (NASC). The NASC undertake a comprehensive health need assessments and service co-ordination for the Lakes DHB population. NASC works with people to identify and support their needs, identify the support available and organise the appropriate support which can potentially be publicly funded dependant on your individual circumstances.

The NASC provide support services for people that:

  • Are over 65 years of age, who have long term loss of independent function and require assistance with normal daily tasks.
  • Were recently discharged from hospital that require short term assistance with normal daily tasks after discharge.
  • Are under the care of Mental Health Services.
  • Are under the age of 65 who have a long term chronic condition.
  • Need support as part of palliative care.

To contact find out more about the NASC service and/or contact them directly please click here to visit their website.

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At any stage, if you would like to order an information pack or book a visit at Cantabria please contact our friendly staff.